Rabu, 15 Oktober 2008

Comments, Critiques and such..

Hi. I'm Syafiq, this blog's co-writer and also the blog owner's business partner. I just want to share my opinion on the recent comments by whom I would just call 'non-dreamers'.

I have also copied and pasted the comments into this post just for future reference; for whenever someone stumbles upon this blog and maybe wonder what I may have been writing about.

So, Mr Non-dreamer(s). I believe you are living in Brunei, judging by the Bruneian IP Address that you are using and by that I assume that you've been raised, exposed and familiar to the surroundings of Bruneian culture, traditions and habits.

It's ok. We, the writers and people like us are not losing anything from recieving comments like those. Instead, it is one of the reasons why we strive to become better in anything that we endeavour.

I would like to sincerely thank all of you who has commented, and I will help the author with his English, and I would also like to edit his posts to make it a pleasing read to everyone.

Also, thanx for the support guys, we really appreciate it. To the non-dreamers, we welcome any critique that you may still have, and I'll try to reply if I can.

Thank you guys!

16 Oct 08, 09:52
author: to sul and road to success, thank you for supporting me. to those people who doesnt really understand my english, i will try to make it right

16 Oct 08, 05:50
Sul: This might be change people thinking, to the author you just change my mind of thinking,thanks buddy. I cant wait the book.

16 Oct 08, 05:36
Author: This is not copied from other, those idea come from mind,from i have seen people arround me and also who are already succed.

16 Oct 08, 05:26
Author: I dnt mind what people said on me,its my dream, what do i care.Im on my way to achive. "people who want you stop what you do "we call it dream stealler"

15 Oct 08, 21:53
Road to sucess!: and to the unknow people dont ever judge book by its cover. and mizan remember this ' people who avoid failure also avoid sucess!

15 Oct 08, 21:44
Road to sucess!: dude apa urg critic atu terima saja. apa urg ucap atu dgr saja. mana lurus d ambil..mana salah bagi mu ignore saja. semua anie membuat kan tani sucess. so dont ever ever look back, teruskan saja.

15 Oct 08, 21:34
me; the author: Yall dont know him so back off

15 Oct 08, 21:34
me; the author: the brother speaking : He is somebody man

15 Oct 08, 21:31
me; the author: my english may be bad but I HAVE A DREAM!

15 Oct 08, 21:31
me; the author: people have their own dream so dont be a dream stealer. if you think you're so good then you better correct your spelling first before you come and judge people

15 Oct 08, 21:30
me; the author: *to me

15 Oct 08, 21:30
me; the author: 8to me

15 Oct 08, 21:29
me; the author: if you think its so contagious, then stop reading it cause it matters to about what i do. i may took some information from the book but im trying to make it my own way.

13 Oct 08, 22:48
Maya54_65: I dont know who u are, but your committment in trying to have a successful life deserves an applause. But, u need to get deep n deeper in english so that u understand clearly of the info being stated.

13 Oct 08, 22:34
roti-john: ehh?? sial jua kamu ani, alum kmu tau apa ia an sampai kan arah kamu wah. so stop do wht u say. minding u own bisnes. dreams ani bulih mbwa kejayaan..palui..kamu ani org putih? iatah talur

13 Oct 08, 22:31
dreamingdisease: now my english is infected by just reading ur blog. ur so contagious man. what kind of animal r u?? u crazy

13 Oct 08, 22:29
keepondreaming: seriously,keep on dreaming man. what the hell are u talking about?? u are offering a motivational talk? but u english sucks!! fix ur english b4 u talk abt other people

13 Oct 08, 22:26
lessdreama: "this is my dream and it is mind??" what the hell man??!! i thought it was supposed to be "mine"

13 Oct 08, 22:24
smalldreama: i dont know a **** what you're talking about. your english sucks man. i know u took all this information and clearly copied it to your blog from the book. seriously man, u can be sued.

Sabtu, 26 Julai 2008


  • Everyone want to succeed, however most people are more likely to either stop what they are doing half-way or those who just say they would do something and not start all.
  • This because the lack of encouragement and support.
  • People tell you that can't do it and 'you won't do' it are the people who are more likely to steal your dreams and idea.
  • Never in your mind a negative thinking.
  • Forget about the negative things behind you.
  • Forget about what happen and what made you fail in life.
  • Do not focus on you are doing,more focus on the result or dreams.
  • The Past is already happened, So, starting NEW in your life.
  • Never, ever think that you do not want success.
  • Don't meet or asking a person not succeed, you will get wrong information.
  • Do not ask for advice from someone who has never succeeded in life. You will get wrong information.
  • Say to those who do not show encouragement or tried to take over your dreams, ‘what do I care?’ and ‘Are you going to feed my life when i got nothing? This is my dream and this is mine.People usually do not allow you to do things with your life because they want you to end up as a failure as they were before.Your relatives may also distract and influence you by their negativity.
  • That people not allow you to do is because they want you to be like he or she are failure before.
  • Your relatives also make you distract and influence by they negative.
  • Don't blame about what happened through your life.
  • Learn form mistake what you have done, improve.
  • Don't blame yourself about what had happened through your life.
    Learn from the mistakes that you have done and improve yourself.
    The three negative habits which end up making people fail are:
    1. Laziness.
    2.Lack of Confidence

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  • Dream is everything and dream is priority.
  • Dream is something that what you want in your life.
  • Dream is your reason for doing it.
  • Its your dream, what for you stop doing it, it your dream.
  • You need to found your dreams and make it come through,
  • A strong dream and a emotional dream will make you work harder to achieve it.
  • Visualize what you want, it will come through.
  • ASK yourself, what do you really want in your life.
  • Make your own dream, its your dream.
  • Make your own dream book.
  • Don't afraid telling people relatives and share your dream's ,That would make more strong and in the same way build your confidence.
  • Everyone of you could achieve all the dream list and what you need is a veichle.
  • You need a work to do and be patient to face all those rejection and distraction.
  • Be an EMPLOYEE and SELF-EMPLOYEE is very hard to achieve the dreams, you could achieve but take a time about 20-40 years and some people couldn't achieve at all.
  • Focus on what you want, very hardly, sacrifice and challenge yourself.

  • The list of dream people in the world desire:
  • 1.Extra income
  • 2.Debt free
  • 3.Financial freedom
  • 4.Financial independent
  • 5.Own business
  • 6.Children's Education
  • 7.Early retirement
  • 8.Self-development
  • 9.Charity
  • 10.Freedom Of Time
  • 11.Health and wealth's
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Khamis, 24 Julai 2008


  • Make your own decision for what you are going to do.
  • You must have a believe in yourself that you will achieve and that you are to become a successful person.
  • By visualizing, it really helps you to achieve what you want.
  • So visualize that you are going to be success in the future.
  • Never ever give up or stop till you see the result.
  • Stay focus on what you want and never think the thing you don't want.
  • Talk with the positive people and try encouraging negative people to always think positive.
  • Learn from successful people.
  • Get the best advice and mentor from right person like leaders or successful people.
  • You must have self-confidence to be a brave person.
  • Increase Your Knowledge; learn, grow and improve.
  • You must be a TEACHABLE person till you success and never stop learning. Read a book that are related, "TODAY YOU ARE THE READER TOMORROW YOU ARE THE LEADERS"
  • Do not Worry about anyone, worry about yourself. Ensure what you do, will get benefit and satisfaction.
  • You need a lot of information.
  • Build confidence, and destroy your fear.
  • Improve your weakness.
  • "A lot of practice make perfect"
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  • The most important thing if you want to be a successful person is that, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK. YOU MUST ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE & BE OPEN MINDED.
  • If there is any other opportunity given to you or anyone, investigate on what will you earn from it, the benefit you will get.
  • Focusing on negative things and differences can be amusing but it isn't very productive; focusing on positive similarities builds unity and strength. Having positive beliefs and positive expectations tend to lead to positive outcomes.
  • Mastering your thoughts to create your life's.
  • Whatever you are thinking and feeling today is create your future.
  • The size of success is measured by the strength of your desire ,The size of your dream and how you handle disappoint along the way"
  • There is no words in your mind "IMPOSSIBLE", eliminate that words, change to yourself that you are possible.
  • Everyone of you have that intelligent thinking and creative thinking use it 100% of your brain.
  • Create something NEW everyday such as reading information book and self-developement book,motivate yourself and make it as a habbit. you will see the different.
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Rabu, 23 Julai 2008


  • Success in life is you have "Time and money".
  • Everyone in this world can be successful in their life.
  • Everyone is same, there is no different although they are rich, educated and etc.
  • Success can be translated in many ways and every way such as in business, study ,sports and etc.
  • People who goes to university holding certificate with high education are not the only people who can succeed and ,yes, i confess study is good.
  • You also can be the one, as long as you have vision, the courage and the spirit to be a successful person.
  • Even the poor people or maybe the homeless people can succeed in their life as long as they are willing to face the challenges and never stop find something for their life, that they're about to face on becoming a successful person.
  • people who want to be success always be open minded on any opportunity and The things is opportunity come a once in a life.
  • Anyone of you have your on talent that will create who you are in the future and you could be someone.
  • Even a smaller matter you do right now and you will see it in the future.
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